HarleeQ's Harlequins

Our HarleeQ staff have the moxie and skills to pay the bills. We design custom outfits for our HarleeQs for your venue or event that will match your theme or atmosphere. We are harlequins after all which means we are here to serve.

Our E Hookahs last longer than traditional hookah and have stronger more fruitful flavor. With over 109 flavors we have the ability to create a custom designer menu that will just be available at your venue or event.

We offer custom designer hookahs that are not basic. We work with you to find the most stylish hookah device that will keep your guests entertained. Hookah is a social experience best shared with friends so the more outstanding the device, the better the social experience.

Our mission as harlequins is simple. We design social hookah experiences for your venue or private event that your guests will remember. WE AREN'T BASIC. We design a hookah program for you with custom designer hookahs and we only use the freshest, hippest hookah devices and accessories available on today’s market.  I mean one of our hookahs has lasers shooting out of it.  Doesn't get any fresher then that.  Want to know more about what we can do for your venue or event? Hit up a HarleeQ…

Book one week in advance.